$5,205 Value
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Have you ever wanted to increase your, impact, income and influence as an author, speaker, coach or influencer? 

Would you like to know the correct way to build a profitable business or ministry from home, without all the trial and error, guesswork and confusion?

How did Tamara Lowe and the world’s foremost influencers build multi-million-dollar expert empires

How do they build big lists of raving fans and get paid for their advice? 

Learn step-by-step in this powerful training program!

Here's What Happened When They Used The Boot Camp Bundle...

What Will Happen When You Do?

$5,205 Value
(NOW ONLY $297)
$5,205 Value
(NOW ONLY $297)

No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

The Kingdom Builders Boot Camp Bundle is backed by our 100% No-Risk,
Money-Back Guarantee!

You will get immediate access to everything! Use the entire program for 14-days, and if you are not thrilled with the program we will refund 100% of your money immediately…No questions asked!


  • How to Use Your God-Given Gifts to Make Big Money and a BIG DIFFERENCE
  • How to PACKAGE Your Advice and How-To Content into Lucrative Books, Blogs, Speeches, Seminars, Coaching Programs and Online Courses
  • ​How to Sign Up High-Paying Clients from Home with Just a Phone and Computer… and Get Amazing Results for THEM
  • ​How to POSITION Yourself as a Highly Paid Expert in any Topic Area
  • ​How to Successfully PROMOTE Your Content, Personal Brand, Products and Programs Online
  • ​How to PARTNER with Other Experts and Influencers to Broaden Your Reach and Increase Your Sales
  • ​Get Tamara Lowe’s Secret Step-By-Step Strategies, Checklists And Expert Resources To Make It Easy! We’ve Done All the Heavy Lifting For You!
  • ​Includes Group Coaching + Live 1-on-1 Coaching to Get Real-Time Answers to All Your Toughest Questions!
  • ​How To Create a Successful Business or Ministry Where You Can Work From Home, On Your Own Terms and Schedule
  • ​How to Have a Meaningful Impact on Others While Building a Lucrative Lifestyle That You Love
  • ​How to Write Bestselling Books and Ebooks
  • How to Create Passive Income Streams Online as a Speaker, Coach, Author and Influencer
  • How to Build Your Following of Buyers and Fans Using Social Media, Videos, Webinars and TeleSeminars
  • How to Launch 6-Figure Coaching Programs, Consulting Practices and Public Speaking Businesses
  • ​Access to our Private Members-Only Facebook Group
  • ​Direct Access to Tamara Lowe and Zack Lowe with LIVE interactive Q&A Coaching Calls
  • ​How to Easily Produce Low-Cost or No-Cost Professional Websites, Landing Pages, Product Covers And Logos
  • ​How to Grow Your Community and Expand Your Reach FAST
  • ​How to Sell from the Stage Without Being Sales-y, Pushy or Obnoxious
  • How to Effortlessly Promote and Sell Your Resources and Products Online
  • ​How to Make Can’t-Say-No Offers that Sell Like Hotcakes
  • ​Overcome Nervousness or Stage Fright with Tamara’s Signature Talk Formula
  • ​How Present a Talk You Love with Irresistible Confidence
  • How to Get as Many High-Paying Speaking Engagements as You Will Ever Want
  • ​How to Start Online Businesses in Less than 24 Hours for Under $50
  • ​How Smart Entrepreneurs Make Money While They Sleep
  • How to Write Can’t-Say-No Copy and Attract Tons of New Fans and Followers
  • ​Tamara’s Solid Gold Swipe File: You’ll Get the exact words we use in our most opened emails, on websites and landing pages, for on-stage sales, social media and live event advertising
  • ​How to Quickly Produce Books, Ebooks, Videos and Online Courses with Zero Dollars Out of Pocket
  • ​Create Beautiful, Professional Covers Yourself with NO TECH SKILL for Pennies
  • Grow Your Ministry WITHOUT Financial Stress
  • How to Fill & Produce Profitable Live Events
  • How to Brand Your Ministry
  • How to Turn Your Website into an ATM
  • How to Create Money Every Month with Membership Programs
  • How to Get Paid for Advice You Give Away For Free Now!
  • ​How You Can Quickly and Easily Establish Your Reputation as The Undisputed Expert in Your Field.
  • ​How You Can Dramatically Increase Your Client Base (And Your Rates) without More Work
  • ​How to Become a Bestselling Author (Even If You’ve Never Written a Book Before!)
  • ​The Keys to Positioning Yourself as the Go-To Expert that Customers Like, Trust and Want to Give Their Business To
  • How to Avoid the #1 and Most Expensive Mistake Almost Everyone in the Biz Makes (I Made It Too and It Took Five Years for Me to Figure It Out)
  • Tamara’s Easy 3-Step Formula that Makes Meeting Planners Excited to Book You and Customers Eager to Buy from You
  • The Hush-Hush Secret that the Superstar Speakers Use to Make Millions… And Why They Hope You Never Find Out!
  • ​The 2-Minute Technique that Instantly Connects Your Audience to You and Makes Them Love You from the Very Start
  • ​How to Set “Hooks” In Your Message to Turn Listeners into Paying Customers and Raving Fans
  • ​Turnkey Templates to Help You Get Your Message Out There FAST! 
  • How to tons of Get Killer TestimonialsEven If You Don't Have a Fan Base Now!
  • Secret Strategies the Big Dogs Use to Increase the Size of Your Audiences and the Sales of Your Products
  • Tamara’s Step-By-Step Proven System for Getting All the High Paying Gigs You’ll Ever Want
  • ​The BEST Networking Strategy Ever! Meet the Most Influential People in World with this 2-Minute Game Changer
  • ​TNT! The Dynamic Power of “Test and Track” to Create Explosive Growth and Profits
  • ​Tamara’s Own Pre-Gig Checklist (Never Feel Unprepared Again!)
  • ​How to Turn One Gig into a Lifetime of Repeat Business
  • ​The 3 Things Your Website MUST Do to Bring in Immediate Income (96% of Our Clients Were NOT Doing Any of Them—But When They Did… They Instantaneously Doubled and Tripled Their Incomes!!!)
  • Partnerships, Platforms & Positioning: The Three Secrets To Quantum Leaps
  • ​How to Persuade the Hottest Names in the Biz to Promote You to their Customer Lists
  • ​How to Move Beyond the $19 Book Sale to High-Ticket Clients, Coaching Programs and Mastermind Groups
  • ​How to Acquire an Inner Circle of High-Net-Worth Clients Who Pay You $10,000+ per Year to Coach Them

No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

The Kingdom Builders Boot Camp Bundle is backed by our 100% No-Risk,
Money-Back Guarantee!

You will get immediate access to everything! Use the entire program for 14-days, and if you are not thrilled with the program we will refund 100% of your money immediately…No questions asked!


For over a decade, Kingdom Builders Academy has been recognized as the #1 training company in the world for Christian speakers, authors, coaches, ministers and entrepreneurs. Tamara Lowe, along with her son Zack Lowe, and his wife Jillian Lowe, have created more big-stage speakers, more best-selling authors, more 6-figure and 7-figure Christian influencers than any other organization on earth.
Tamara Lowe is recognized as one of the world’s most successful speakers and consultants, having trained more than 4,000,000 people in 75 countries. Tamara is a #1 Amazon and New York Times bestselling author, admired businesswoman and educator. As the founder of Get Motivated Business Seminars, she built her company from zero to $100,000,000 and has produced America’s largest seminars for nearly 30 years. Tamara is the Founder and CEO of Kingdom Builders Academy and has trained more than 100,000 Christian leaders how to build their expert brands, business and ministries and succeed as thought leaders in today’s world.

Zack Lowe and Jillian Lowe are the powerful husband-wife duo that has driven the 10X growth of Kingdom Builders Academy over the past 6-years. Through their dedication to seeking the Kingdom of God, excellence, and student success, Kingdom Builders Academy has become the world's premiere educator of Christian Influencers. Zack and Jillian have personally coached thousands of everyday Christians and helped them become profitable and powerful authors, speakers, coaches, and online entrepreneurs.

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DISCLAIMER: Results will inevitably vary. You may experience different results depending on the effort you put in, and your own unique background. Our average customer experiences an increase in the number of paying clients and annual revenue when they implement the techniques taught in our programs.
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